To ensure people experience the Best Bon Jovi Tribute Show out there, with amazing energy and unforgettable entertainment.
As the leading World’s Premier Tribute to Bon Jovi, Bon Giovi will perform internationally, making its presence in festivals, rock venues, clubs, private parties, weddings, working mans clubs and charity events.
The focus of our Tribute band is to replicate accurately Bon Jovi sounds and Stage presence, due to our High Quality Standards.

Bon Giovi performs more than 90 shows per year, and we are looking at performing even more. We are very flexible and even learn specific requested rare tracks that even Bon Jovi doesn’t play anymore.

Our performances vary from short sets of 45min to longer sets of even 2 and and a half hours. Our repertoire of songs covers more than 45 songs from Bon Jovi, including all the biggest core greatest hits and more rare upbeat or ballad tracks that didn’t make it to the charts, but that Bon Jovi’s true fans love to bits.

We shape our setlist differently every show, because every venue, event, circumstance and crowd is different, and we always want to guarantee the best Bon Jovi setlist ever at each show.

Each show is an experience on it’s own, and as professional musicians we love to keep ourselves motivated and keep learning new things taking them to our set.

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