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Bon Jovi Tribute Bon Giovi

Happy St Patrick’s Day Bon Jovi Fans!

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Bon Jovi Tribute Band

Big News!!!! This May come as a shock but WE ARE NOT THE REAL BON JOVI… Lol… I know I say this in jest but believe it or not, people don’t know we are a Bon Jovi tribute band. We know this from comments on Facebook. It’s not a bad thing because we work hard to look and sound like the real thing but in the interest of making this clear… We are not the real Bon Jovi.

Bon Giovi go to Spain!

It’s only been a couple of weeks that we were in sunny Fuengirola and I’m already missing it. I have to say that the crowd was fantastic.

A big thank you to Martyn Wood for organising everything and the marvellous crew for looking after us and helping us create a great show.

Now we are back in the UK and busy as usual with 3 shows last weekend, Fat Lils, The Brooke and Legends of Rock. Thank you to these guys for continuously having us at their amazing venues. We are noticing more and more supporting us every time we play a venue, with some venues selling out. So thank you for not only supporting us but for also supporting live music.

Bon Jovi Tribute Band Bon Giovi At The Brook Southampton

New Live Streaming vids…

If you have liked our Facebook page, you will probably notice more ‘back stage’ live videos that we are posting at the moment. This is a fairly new idea for us because we are all shy people in the band but we know that you like this sort of stuff, So take a look.


I know what your thinking?! You are thinking, if only I had a Bon Giovi mug to drink my coffee out of. If only there was a Bon Giovi cap to keep the sun out of my eyes… Well, click on Merchandise at the top of the page and fulfil your coffee drinking and sun shielding requirement needs. We also do t-shirts, bags etc…

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Please look at our tour dates for more shows and keep coming, your continued support is vital to us.
Thank you….


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