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Bon Jovi Tribute Band UK Bon Giovi

Happy Pancake Day Bon Jovi fans.

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Bon Jovi Tribute Band UK Bon Giovi

The phone never stops ringing At Bon Giovi head quarters. Since our last news update, more shows have been booked. Which means, even more chances to get your Bon Jovi fix. So, keep your eyes peeled on our tour dates.

We would like to say a special welcome to Faith, who is our newest but youngest supporter. She is featured on our Facebook page with our very own Jon Bon Jovi, singing to her backstage. Welcome Faith – she has a very appropriate name don’t you think?

Even more good news!!! 

We would like to thank Glen at The new Ritz ballroom at Brighouse for adopting a kitten that the Bon Giovi boys found after our show. Well done Glen, perhaps a good name for the cat, could be Tico 😉

More merchandise has been sold, check out the grey hoodies, they look great! Visit our online store by Clicking Here.


(Thanks to Claire-Angel Lavis for sending the pic of her hoodie)

Lastly, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone, who continue to support us at our shows. Sometimes travelling a long way and spending lots of your hard earned cash! We would love to say it in person but it’s just not possible after each show but I can tell you that without your support, Bon Giovi wouldn’t be able to perform anymore. Your support is always appreciated.


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