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Bon Giovi (Bon Jovi Tribute) News Updates June 2016

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Hi Bon Jovi fans.

Bon Giovi are going to Norway! We are really excited to be asked to perform at the Vannfestivalen festival this Friday, so if you are going, come and say hi. We can’t wait.

Bon Giovi Bon Jovi Tribute

We have also been approached to do shows in Egypt and Mexico. Talks are continuing, so Watch this space.

Next year confirmed! The Bon Giovi boys will be ‘Rocking the boat’ on a cruise ship, I think this a 1st for us but there is no place that we won’t perform your favourite Bon Jovi songs.

Lastly a big thank you to everyone who continue to come to our shows and support us. Without you, there is no us. Next time you come one of our shows, wear one of or lovely Tshirts, if you don’t have one, please visit our store and order one. Right, time to pack!!

See you this weekend Tico.

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  1. Hey Bon Giovi . I was at Ålgård yesterday and saw you play live . Fantastic boys. I have every Jovi fan since 1986 and yesterday I got a very good feeling. The sound and the songs you delivered is top level , you are amazing good . Pity that there was so little people . should each full house on a Bon Jovi concert . Good luck and hope that I will see you at the next opportunity . Rock on boys

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