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Bon Giovi is Back at Legends Of Rock 14

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Bon Giovi is Back at Legends Of Rock 14

As lovers of Classic Rock & live music there are so many of the greats that we love that either are no longer with us or have given up touring.

We all play our favourite tracks at home or in the car or tune in to the radio but seeing & hearing supremely skilled musicians playing these tracks live brings it all back on home ! Especially when you’re rocking with so many other Classic Rock fans beside you. We’ll also be featuring some fantastic bands playing their own original material.

As always, Classic Rock Tours only books the best. All of our bands are leaders in their own field & try to give their fans an experience as close to the original as possible. The incredible musical skills of our bands have contributed to the enormous success of Rhodes Rock which has now become an unmissable annual rock holiday for many hundreds of discerning Classic Rock fans. Lots of the Rhodes Rock bands plus many more will be playing on both stages where you can get in the mosh down the front or get yourself a table with your mates & listen to the music whilst supping a pint.

Legends of Rock gives you the chance to go back to the days of the very best in rock music for 3 or 4 days & nights. It will be relentless !!!! Band after band after band non stop. And if there are bands that you are not so keen on or you just need a break there will be plenty more entertainment including more live bands playing in the V Lounge next door. Or if you’re really rocked out get down to the restaurant or the many other leisure facilities shown on The Venue page.

Bands ConfirmedBon Giovi, Alix Anthony, Aladdinsane, Ben Poole, Bravado, Bryans Adams Experience, Buster James Band, Frys Cream, The Doors Alive, Fleetwood Bac, A Foreigners Journey, Four Fighters, Four Wheel Drive, Fragile featuring Claire Hamill, Frys Cream, Gallus Cooper , Have Some Moore, Hi-On Maiden, Howie G Revue, Laurence Jones Band, Letz Zep, Live Wire, Mama, Megadeth UK, Mentallica, Metal Fatigue, Pat McManus Band, Pearl Handled Revolver, Persian Risk, Roxyrama, Rammlied,
Sack Sabbath, The Scopyons, Stargazer Plays Whitesnake, Stone Free, StoneWire, Too REX, Think Floyd, Towers of Stone, Thin Lizzy Experience, V8, Virgil & the Accelerators, Viva Santana, Walkway, Who’s Next, Zeus, The ZZ Tops.

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