Bon Giovi Richie Sambora Dean Harris

Dean Harris (as Richie Sambora)

Dean has been playing musical instruments since the age of 7, where he was first introduced to the drums, after many years of playing the drums he also started to take interest in the keyboards, and finally the guitar at age 15.

Playing by “ear” all his life, teaching himself mainly by listening to his favourite bands & players, he decided to take the plunge and educate himself by moving to Guildford, and studying at Guildford’s ACM Music College.

Once back from ACM he joined Bon Giovi, started teaching from home, and set up his own backing track service, playing all the instruments himself for various acts all over the world.

If you would like lessons, or information on his own music please see his website www.deanharrismusic.com

Dean is currently a “Supported Artist” by Marshal Amplification and therefore uses Marshal Amps & Cabs to achieve Mr Sambora’s tones.