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Andrea Ojano (Previous Jon Bon Jovi)

Andrea Ojano was our ‘Jon’ for over six years until he stood down in May 2017.
Italian-born Andrea hails from the small town of Osilo in Sardinia, and grew up within the traditions of the Mediterranean (and a distinctly warmer climate!).

His passion for music was cultivated by his parents own love for bands like the Beatles, Queen and The Doors, often listening to a multitude of tapes on long summer trips to the beach in the family car.

Singing from the age of 9, Andrea became involved with local choirs and later, some of the pop/rock bands in the area, all the time developing his vocal & performance skills. Influences came in the form of Freddy Mercury, Robert Plant, Steve Perry, Geoff Tate & James Labrie of Dream Theatre.

In 2004, Andrea moved to the UK and raised his ambition to a higher level, playing with various bands, acoustic open mic nights, alternative pop and 60’s style groups. In 2009 he settled in a Journey tribute band, a position that enabled audiences to appreciate a now dynamic, confident and energetic frontman with a vocal range of over three octaves. But a year on, a more appealing opportunity would present itself…

Speaking about Bon Jovi/Bon Giovi, Andrea offers – “I am a huge Jovi fan. I grew up listening to ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’ and ‘Always’. I was 15 when they released the Crush album, it was one of the first albums I actually bought myself. I’ve always liked and admired Bon Jovi, so when I was asked to audition for Bon Giovi, I was really pleased and excited about singing the songs of one of my favourite rock bands.
The future is there to be written, I am aiming to enhance my professional singing, performing and songwriting. I am really excited about performing in front of thousands of people, and sharing this experience with musicians I respect. I am looking forward to being part of Bon Giovi and this whole brand new music adventure, which will turn into an exciting and useful musical experience